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Please give opinions and thoughts, I'd love to hear them. >>3421974 mirrorless so far have had garbage ergonomics so not like it's an impressive title leave it to canikon to actually produce nice feeling bodies. provia 100f edition Old thread: >>3416932 All film photography related questions and general discussion on film photography is to take place in this thread. Analog, 35mm, 120 medium format, large format, C41, E6,B&W, developing, scanning, labs, darkroom etc. Feel free to post photos, we want to see that beautiful grainy goodness! I wouldn't shoot at this ISO for these shots on that camera. I think it's too high for an apsc camera. It leaves the images too noisy. Having owned many digital cameras, I understand that it can be hard to see the limitations of the camera/lens on the screen/evf. It looks fine on locations, but you come home to unwanted noise. It may not being a big deal if you're only sharing them online, but when it comes time to print, you may find yourself limited. So my three recommendations: >I felt like I was already in it to the point that I couldn't get out, which sounds kind of crazy, but I had the mentality of 19-year-old. Even just talking about it makes me start to feel the way I felt then, which was just completely paralyzed and freaked out. >>3422065 why'd you slap a film filter on this? too heavily edited for my eyes, but I can see the appeal of it. great composition and color (but the grain turns me off).. misskairi secret movie scene on 06/13/15 from chaturbate. dima_and_julia amateur record on 06/05/15 16:41 from Chaturbate. the first penalty as a result of a VAR decision was awarded to France in their match against Australia on 16 June and resulted in a goal by Antoine Griezmann. [48]. 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